Cali Vinyl Flooring


Cali Vinyl Pro and Cali Bamboo offer some of the best varieties and vinyl flooring options in the market.  All Cali Bamboo vinyl flooring products are 100% Waterproof.  They can withstand high traffic and endure moisture.  Cali flooring also does not expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity making it the perfect flooring solution for you.


So why vinyl flooring you ask?  First off, it's low maintenance.  It's easy to sweep and mop, water resistant and is actually soft beneath your feet.  Vinyl flooring is also very budget friendly.  When you need a high quality looking floor, but your budget won't allow for hardwoods or ceramics, then vinyl can offer you that same look of elegance without the higher price tag.

Whether you are looking for a vinyl tile solution or sheet vinyl, both offer stain resistance and ease of installation.  Stop by our showroom at 6230 Lima Road, located inside the the Kre8design showroom.



Cali Vinyl Pro  Cali Bamboo